These five items are the perfect Christmas gift for your creative and outdoorsy friends

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for your Creative Outdoorsy Friends

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These five items are the perfect Christmas gift for your creative and outdoorsy friends


Do you have a nature-loving friend who never asks for material things as gifts because they’re always out in the woods (you know the one)? If so, you’ve come to the right place because here are five amazing Christmas gift ideas for your creative, outdoorsy friend. Each of these gifts cost $80 or less!

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Creative, Outdoorsy Friend

I know firsthand what it’s like not to know what to get someone who lives a minimal lifestyle. As an adventure lover myself, I’ve found these five items to be my most valued gifted items as a fellow traveler.

Let’s go over some ideas so that you can give your gift with ease this holiday season.

1. Hiking Journal

Hiking Journal from Amazon

For the people in your lives who are always on the trail, this Hiking Journal from Amazon is a great gift for those who want to log their hikes! The journal is fairly small – about passport size – and can easily fit into any day pack or pocket for outdoor adventures. If your friend is the reflective and creative type, this is a great gift for them to keep track of all their favorite trails! This journal includes…

  • 20 trail log pages that include sections on location, distance, season and weather, elevation gain or loss, gear brought, nature observed, type of terrain, trail traffic, difficulty level, duration, overall rating, and more
  • 20 blank pages next to the trail log to sketch, draw, paint, or take notes
  • “Hikes Worth Remembering” list page
  • “Animals Spotted While Hiking” coloring page
  • “Hike Bucket List” section
  • “Gear Wish List” section
  • “Rite of Passage” checklist for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Recommended hikes in the US and Wildlife Safety Information (identifying poisonous plants and information on animal encounters) on the back cover

Amazon also offers different passport journals for the outdoors. Check out other journal options here: National Parks, Campground, Fishing, Running, Climbing, & Golf.

2. National Park Postcard Coloring Book

National Park coloring postcards are a perfect gift for your creative outdoorsy friend

If your nature-loving and outdoorsy friend loves to draw or doodle, this National Park Postcard Coloring Book might be a great gift for them! The booklet includes 20 postcards your friend can color to send to their loved ones!

On the back of each postcard, you can find information on the park, address lines, and a designated area for a stamp. On the front and back cover of this booklet, you can find the original photos for reference.

Whether your friend is going on a long camping trip or traveling away from home, this gift acts as both a creative outlet for your friend and an incentive to maintain contact!

Some national park postcards included are… Big Bend, Arches, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone and so many more! All proceeds from these sales support Nature Bridge – a nonprofit that provides environmental education through field studies.

3. National Park Deck of Cards

National park deck of cards

This gift is for the all-time favorite activity at a campsite – playing cards! However, this deck of cards doesn’t have the typical playing cards… they include pictures of national parks on the back!

While your friend enjoys the classic game of crazy eights around the fire, they can also become inspired for future endeavors by the illustrated pictures on the cards in their hands!

Many national parks include their own set of playing cards, so if you’re looking for a deck of cards that is location-specific, chances are you’ll be able to find them! Dylan and I got gifted the Grand Canyon deck and absolutely love finding the places that show up on our cards! This deck also features information on each park or monument listed!

4. America The Beautiful Annual Pass

America the beautiful annual park pass

One of the best ways to save money while visiting national lands and parks is the America The Beautiful Annual Pass. If your friend or loved one doesn’t have one of these passes already, this would make a great gift for those who are frequently on the road.

The pass costs $80 and allows up to two people to enter any national land or park without paying for a whole year. Most national parks require a $20 (or more) entrance fee, so if you think your friend will go to a national site more than four times in a year, it’s definitely worth the cost!

This pass has saved Dylan and me a ton of money over the long term, and it always comes in handy when we’re strapped for cash but still want to explore!

5. National Park Passport

Lo and Behold – one of my favorite gifts for your creative and outdoorsy friend – The National Park Passport! This small booklet is around the same size as a passport (but thicker) and includes a map of all the national parks in the US. This passport separates the US into geographical regions, where you can read more about each specific region individually!

National Park Passport

Each region has spaces for regional stickers and cancellations/stamps. Visitor centers at national parks offer free stamps that you can add to your booklet by region to keep track of what parks you’ve visited! Regional stickers are also available for purchase at most visitor centers, and you can also add those to your pages!

Upon purchasing, you’ll also receive a foldable interactive map that showcases all of the national parks in the country! This gift is perfect for those who love the outdoors and want to foster their creativity by keeping track of all the places they have been.

Wrapping Up: 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for your Creative Outdoorsy Friend(s)

There you have it – five amazing and affordable gifts for your creative, outdoorsy friend! These items ensure that you won’t have to break the bank while Christmas shopping, and you’ll be giving gifts that your friend will love! What are you waiting for?

Happy shopping!